In addition to the various events and campaigns sponsored by The Fund to support its activities, donations are always appreciated. Some of the donations are pledged in honor of a specified person (Named Scholarships) and help to fund continuing awards in their names.


Donations can be made in several ways: on The Fund’s website using credit card information processed through PayPal or directly to The Fund (contact the President , Art Lewis, for further guidance at 610-558-4975).  In the past, The Fund has also received gifts of stock certificates.


Finally, many donors take advantage of “Matching” programs offered by their companies to augment their gift.


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Specified Donations

Over the years, The Fund has received special contributions in memory of or to honor Radnor students, residents, school administrators and teachers. The Fund is currently awarding the following scholarships:

The Robert Crofford Memorial Scholarship (first award in 2000)
The John & Mildred Davison Scholarship (2007)
The John DeFlaminis Leadership Scholarship (2004)
The Doug Fixter Memorial Scholarship (2004)
The Denise Flipone Memorial Scholarship (2005)
The Emily Hartzell Memorial Scholarship (1993)
The Megan Hayes Memorial Scholarship (2006)
The Muriel Hopp Memorial Scholarship (1998)
The Jane Leroy Memorial Scholarship (2003)
The James F. Merriman Memorial Scholarship (2005)
The Jack Renehan Memorial Scholarship (1997)
The Ruth Stevens Tewksbury Scholarship (2007)
The Bryn Mawr Trust Company Scholarship (2008)
Class of 1969 Scholarship (2000)
The Italian-American Club Scholarship (2009)
The Penn Medicine at Radnor Scholarship (2004)
The Radnor Wrestling Award (2008)
The Rotary Club of Wayne Scholarship (1990)
The Shire Pharmaceuticals Scholarship (2007)
The Corrigan Family Scholarship (2010)


In addition to these current awards, The Fund has previously awarded the following:

The Robert B. Baker Scholarship (2003)
The Clarke Scholarship (2005)
The Anita Caponetti Memorial Scholarship (2004)
The Commonwealth Award (2005)
The Bea Curley Memorial Award (1995)
The Erwin Dilworth Memorial Scholarship (2002)
Parker Dodds Memorial Scholarship (1997)
The Hazel Fullerton Memorial Scholarship (2004)
The Anne Janson Scholarship (1996)
The Leone – Riley Scholarship (2005)
The Liu Memorial Scholarship (2002)
Main Line Bank Scholarship (1991)
Thomas Meeker Memorial Scholarship (1990)
Andy Moscia Memorial Scholarship (1998)
The Julie O'Brien Memorial Scholarship (2004)
The Jeff Prichard Memorial Scholarship (2002)
The Eric Schwartz Memorial Scholarship (2003)
Gerry Simenson Memorial Scholarship (2000)
U.S. Trust Scholarship (2002)
The Wyeth Scholarship (1992)
Class of 1949 Scholarship (1999)
Class of 1959 Scholarship (2001)
Class of 1968 Scholarship (2004)
Class of 1979 Scholarship (2005)
Class of 1985 Scholarship (2006)