Over the past several years The Fund has sponsored a variety of special events in an effort to tap new sources of revenue to support its ever-growing scholarship program.

In 2004, an art auction and furniture show was held at The Willows. The Willows was re-decorated with appropriate articles of furniture, decorative pieces and original artworks. Food and beverages were provided.

In February of 2005, a well-known local artist – George Rothacker – premiered over 70 paintings of the homes, businesses, intersections and landscapes of Radnor Township in support of The Fund. The show, Paintings of Radnor, was also held at The Willows with a Champagne reception and catering by Margaret Kuo. Both paintings and prints were available at the well-attended event. The show was extremely successful for both the artist and The Fund.


In October of 2006, The Fund hosted an exhibition and sale of original paintings and prints by Mr. Rothacker. The show was entitled: “Memories of the Open Road .“ and was held at The Newman & Saunders Galleries in Wayne, Pa. The paintings portrayed a diverse selection of cars, trucks and a motorcycle.   Catering was by Margaret Kuo.