The recipient must submit proof of matriculation in order to receive their initial award check.

              All subsequent checks require the student to submit a Form (at the end of the Fall term) and a Form and GPA at the end of the Spring Term.






            Scholarship award checks are issued twice a year: at the beginning of the fall term (around September 1st) and at the beginning of the spring term (after January 1st). A form accompanies each check (the forms are slightly different depending on which check is being processed).  

  • The Fall Form (Confirmation of Status) is to be submitted after the end of the fall term, prior to January 1. Upon receipt of this form, a check will be issued for the spring term. No Transcript Is Required With The Fall Form
  • The Spring Form (Confirmation of Status & Grades), together with an official transcript, is to be submitted after the end of the school year but prior to August 20th. Receipt of this information allows issuance of a check prior to the beginning of the fall semester.
  • Both forms require the recipient’s signature and the Spring Form also requires a parent’s signature.
  • Forms and transcripts can be sent by E-Mail when appropriate
  • Forms can be sent after the initial deadline but this will delay the issuing of checks


To insure that checks are received as promptly as possible, please inform us of any changes in contact information, both for yourself and for your parents/guardians, including mailing address for the awards, and telephone and E-Mail addresses.


Scholarships have to be used within six years of the initial award. Recipients must maintain a “C” average and attend an institution full-time. Recipients attending 2-year institutions who go on to a four-year institution are eligible for a total of four years of awards (8 checks).


If special circumstances arise, please discuss them with Mr. Fedora (610-325-9833 or  The Scholarship Fund tries to be as flexible and accommodating as possible within its guidelines.