The Fund holds several events annually including a Spring event, the Fourth of July fireworks and Breakfast With Santa.


For over twenty years, The Fund has been sponsoring Fourth of July fireworks, currently held on the grounds of Radnor High School. This event is consistently the largest fund-raising activity for The Fund and requires upwards of 150 people to make it a success.


In addition to the breath-taking display of pyrotechnics, the event offers a wide assortment of refreshments, live entertainment and a large array of games for children. Surrounding businesses allow The Fund to use their parking lots to accommodate the large crowds which attend the fireworks.

The fireworks are not a Radnor Township-sponsored activity and The Fund receives no money from pubic sources to support the event. Both the Radnor School District and Radnor Police are reimbursed for their assistance. All the workers at the fireworks, as at all Fund events, are unpaid community volunteers.


Local businesses donate both money and goods to the fireworks; volunteers can be recognized by their colorful “T-Shirts” which are part of our fund-raising program.


Tickets for the event can be purchased both at the site and before hand (at a discount) at various Radnor Township businesses. Most attendees arrive by car; parking including admission to the High School grounds is $15 per carload ($10 in advance), $10 for less than a carload and $5 for car and driver alone. Tickets are also available for those who choose to walk to the fireworks.


Every year, early in December, Santa Claus arrives in Radnor on a Saturday morning to thrill youngsters at a Breakfast With Santa sponsored by The Fund. Not only can children speak with Santa and have their pictures taken, but also, the kids and their parents will have a delicious pancake breakfast.


In addition, children can enter their creations in a “Ginger Bread House” contest with prizes awarded for a wide variety of creative accomplishments. Face painters and clowns are also present to entrance children of all ages. Cookie decorating (and eating) is also a popular activity for the young set.


Finally, there is an opportunity for the children to shop for holiday presents for their loved ones from a wide selection of inexpensive gifts.